All pictures taken with a Medion MD9721 4.1 MP I purchased in 2002.

75 Gallon Salt Water
I bought this tank when I moved to a different location in NC. I made some of my own modifications such as lighting and the sump. I replaced the 40 watt total lighting with two 40 watt daylight bulbs and two 40 watt actinic blue bulbs for a total of 160 watts. I added timers to have the daylights and actinics on at different times. I built my own sump out of plywood and acrylic paint that turned out very well. I think it is around 30-35 gallons. The main pump is a magdrive and it puts out about 240 gallons per hour. It uses bio-balls, a skimmer, and polyester fiber for filtration. I really like this tank, but I don't really have a place for it in our new location.

Goldbelly Damsel
Goldbelly Damsel


Three Stripe Damsel
Three Stripe Damsel in front of a rock with purple coraline algae. This rock didn't have anything on it when I originally put it in the tank.

Domino and Three Stripe Damsel
Domino and Three Stripe Damsel
Feather Dusters
Small Crab
Small Crab. Not sure what type he was.
Homemade sump
Homemade sump. You can see the filter floss, bio balls, skimmer, and UV sterilizer.
Sump closeup
A close up shot of the filters.